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10-04-07, 16:33
The text you put in the script to make it so u can load to
the next level with a different outfit ? :)

Zelda master
10-04-07, 16:44

but becarefull it also removes the keys that Lara's holding... You can also use a Meshswap if im recall right...

10-04-07, 19:02
Ok i'll try it now, btw, i don't need the keys :)

10-04-07, 19:05
Ok... how do i make a level jump ? LOL :yik:

I want my set to go like this you see...

House ( House Clothes ) >>> Peru ( Classic Style Outfit ) >>> House ( Different PRJ, House Clothes ) >>> Water Temple ( Wet Suit ) >>> House ( House Clothes ) etc :)

10-04-07, 20:16
With >>> I'm assuming you mean that you want to play the levels in that particular order and that Lara won't go back to a previous level.

- Script entry
- Trigger in room editor (assuming you are not using any Lara-startposition objects)

House ( House Clothes )
ResetHUB= 2 <---- number of the level Lara will jump to. So don't put ENABLED after ResetHUB= ;)
Finishtrigger set to value 2

>>>Peru ( Classic Style Outfit )
ResetHUB= 3
Finishtrigger set to value 3

>>> House ( Different PRJ, House Clothes )
ResetHUB= 4
Finishtrigger set to value 4

>>> Water Temple ( Wet Suit )
ResetHUB= 5
Finishtrigger set to value 5

>>> House ( House Clothes )
ResetHUB= 6
Finishtrigger set to value 6

10-04-07, 20:28
Brilliant thankyou so much titia :hug:

10-04-07, 22:06
You're welcome. :hug:

>>> House ( House Clothes )
ResetHUB= 6
Finishtrigger set to value 6

Erm, I just realised I put that in, assuming there would be another level following this second House level.
If there isn't a following level you don't need to add the ResetHUB line to the script of this level and you can then set your finishtrigger to 99, which will take the player back to the main menu when Lara crosses the trigger. ;)

11-04-07, 13:23
Has anybody actually successfully tested the ResetHUB= ENABLED line in the script? Because I tried it to have different outfits in both alrernative level jumps from one leve and it crashes the game. (Reset HUB= number of level to jump to, works).


Zelda master
11-04-07, 14:42
Yeah sorry i ment ResetHUB= 2...
I useally have that problem with the Horizon i just told:p

11-04-07, 15:55
ResetHUB= ENABLED doesn't work. It only works if you put the number of the level Lara will jump to after ResetHUB=. ;)