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tlr online
10-04-07, 18:47
Peruse our Tomb Raider Time Line with a chronology of all eight Tomb Raider adventures from Eidos plc.

Tomb Raider Time Line (http://www.laracroft.tv/timeline/index.html)

kill bill
10-04-07, 18:49
Cool! :tmb::cln: :cln: :jmp:

10-04-07, 18:49
Thanks tlr online it's lovely! :tmb: :)

10-04-07, 19:00
Cool! :D Thank you! :tmb:

10-04-07, 19:01
Wicked stuff! I remember someone on this site did a highly detailed one like this not too long ago.

It's really great :tmb:

Tomb Raider Master
10-04-07, 19:02
We have a member who posted the EXACTLY same thing some months ago. Nice job! :tmb:

10-04-07, 19:17
Next-gen Trilogy?????? :cln: :cln:

Excellent chronology with connections to wilkipedia... "Winston" in El Alamein

10-04-07, 19:21
My eyes were caught on this:
Kurtis Cornel, later Trent, is born near the Utah Salt Flats, Bonneville, USA. His parents are Konstantin and Marie Cornel.
:yik: That IS impressive!

And I don't like the Legend is connected to AoD thing at all. :( :(

tlr online
10-04-07, 19:24
We have a member who posted the EXACTLY same thing some months ago. Nice job! :tmb:

Yup. The author's name is Quentin. He converted his time-line into our format for us. :)

10-04-07, 19:29
WOW that is detailed! Nice work!

10-04-07, 20:54
Hahah. thats amazing.

the hooliganz
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10-04-07, 22:41
Thank you Justin. :)

10-04-07, 23:40
Excellent tlr. :tmb:

10-04-07, 23:43
Ooh! That was pretty intresting to read.

Thanks Justin! :tmb:

11-04-07, 00:20
Nice job, Justin! :)

11-04-07, 00:40
Cool. :)

But what about the Game Boy games?

11-04-07, 00:49
Thanks for that, Justin... :tmb: That really helps sum up the story! :tmb:

11-04-07, 01:09
That's crazy :cln:. There's so much stuff!


Lara turns 40. (Tomb Raider)

11-04-07, 01:14
Very nice! i would have gotten soooo frustrated going through all that info and trying to sort it out correctly, Very well done :tmb:

Jin Uzuki
11-04-07, 06:40
:yik: It's scary how the retcons seem to be very tangible, and actually believable! Everything makes sense...and everything points to Lara being 40 come '08.

Part of me wants to believe in such continuity as per the MGS series (:tmb:). Somehow, I'd like Lara to really grow old, and that any more young-looking incarnations of her in the future when she's supposed to be around 40 will make the believablility of it all less appealing for me.

Having said that, if CD or Eidos wants Lara to be eternally young, perhaps they could set all the next Tomb Raider games before 2000 when she isn't so old. Of course, that is if they actually consider the Tomb Raider universe to be in constant streaming (which would make Lara age).

Another note: The part where Quentin said something about we don't know what happened after AoD and that the next thing we know, Lara's raiding on; may be the gap (3 years) between AoD and Legend could serve as enough time for certain things to take place. And in line with that...WISHFUL THINKING!: If they do want to make Lara still young looking and still make sense (in relation to her age and time and actual sequence of events), may be they could set one of the future Tomb Raider games between AoD and Legend, and actually be a way to fill us fans in about what happened after AoD's ending.