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10-04-07, 20:05
Hi ya all! :wve:

Fluen has made a wonderfull list with all of Lara's 444 animations. :tmb:

I've updated the Creating custom animations (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?p=1720243#post1720243) tutorial thread. You can now download the list from the last post in that thread. :D

10-04-07, 20:11
Sounds very helpful, but unfortunately the download isn't working for me :confused:

10-04-07, 20:14
Titak you have putted this link:


But it should be this:

(note the name titak)

10-04-07, 20:19
Shoo! Forgot to test the link before posting it... :o

The link is fixed now! :D
Thank you Betal! :hug:

10-04-07, 20:41
Yep, it works now, and it is indeed very useful. :hug:

14-12-07, 17:21
can lara light a torch from an animation in the lara object;
as said in the zip?

427 – Light torch with flame 0-1 clicks high
428 – Light torch with flame 2-3 clicks high
429 – Light torch with flame 4-5 clicks high
430 – Light torch with flame 6-7 clicks high

but it must be with the BURNING_TORCH_ITEM, and TORCH_ANIM ...

flipeffect? :confused:

like the guide? :confused:

14-12-07, 17:38
Just put the BURNING_TORCH and the TORCH_ANIM objects in your wad and Lara will perform the animations automatically if she picks up the torch and holds it near a burning flame-emitter (press action near the flame to light the torch)

To light a walltorch, you need to place a flame-emitter on the walltorch.
Then press action near it, while holding a burning torch. ;)

Po Yu
14-12-07, 18:04
That's useful for me!!!:D
Thank you and thank Fluen!

14-12-07, 19:23
thanx for that titak ;)

14-12-07, 21:21
thanks alot it looks very good
thanks again:)

im glad i was of some help


15-12-07, 08:46
Not to seem ungrateful, but I already had that. I don't remember where I got it.
Now what we need is a list of Lara's state id's. These are just as important as the animations.

15-12-07, 08:49
Mulf sent me a list he once made... but dare i say that this one is sooo much better. it's incredible Fluen. Well done and thank you :tmb: :hug: