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11-04-07, 03:17
I have a zip line in Lara's Mansion. It used to work, but I haven't used it after I confirmed it worked until today. I have changed Lara's outfit MANY MANY times in the search for the perfect outfit. I believe I have found it. (AOD prague outfit :p ) but I think I have deleted animations. Lara gets sucked into a black abyss when I use the zip line. She doesn't have the proper animations, kind of stands on the line until the end where she goes as if she has been sucked into a current, and gets stuck in the wall. Even DOZY doesn't get her out :( I used WADmerger to look at her animations and I think the zip line ones are missing.
How do you import animations? I don't even want to ATTEMPT creating a floating zip line mode; i am a horrible animator! Can I just WADmerge in a new Lara from another level who works, and it not affect my outfit? I downloaded Fluen's list of animations, and I know now I am missing a lot of them!
Thank you!!

11-04-07, 04:06
Are you missing some of the basic animations, or just the zip line ones?

If you are just missing the Zip line ones, then just open up the wad that you got that Zip Line from, and it will, under the Lara Model, contain Lara's Extra animations for using the Zip Line, you just have to copy them from there...

If you are missing basic ones, then I suggest that you replace your current Lara with one of the original Lara models [from the supplied wads], and then reload the newest outfit you are using... that way, it should contain the original animations...

11-04-07, 09:18
Copy a Lara object from one of the revised wads into your own levelwad.
(No need to touch anything else.)
The Lara-object from the revised wads contain all of Lara's 444 animations, including the zipline ones. ;)

11-04-07, 21:14
Ok, I did as Titak said, and now my level crashes when I try to load it :confused: I will try Izzie404's suggestion right now.
Yay! She has the zip line animations, and some really cool other animations I discovered that according to this document are "not used". The level crashes still though. I can't get it to not crash! The only way it works is if I put in the old wad (i backed it up because I knew i'd screw it up XD) I really want this zip line though! Any ideas?

12-04-07, 22:16
Ok I've completely rebuilt the wad file. From the beginning I started with and I added a few meshes (Kurtis, spikes, boulders, giant mutant from TR1...) and it still crashes! I didn't even try the outfit yet! What's wrong with it! They all used to work!

Went to wadmerger, copied some animations, including the zip line animations. Veryyyy nice feature!! However at the end of the zip line she falls through the floor and goes into her current mode and gets stuck :confused: Help PLEASE!!

I noticed something! When Lara goes into the black abyss, she is still riding the zip line. Something is not telling my computer to make lara fall off the zip line! :hea:

18-04-07, 22:17
I copied over every single animation she didn't already have. That took a very long time. She STILL won't cooperate! Which animation is the one that tells her to fall all the way off the zip line? Something's not set up right :confused:

19-04-07, 03:21
I believe that there is value that you have to change for "Next Animation". Although I am not sure if that is correct.

19-04-07, 04:53
How many objects do you use ?
'cause Tomb4 has a limited memory of 4 Mb for each levels. Try to remove some stuffs from your wad.

19-04-07, 21:11
I was unsure of how to see how much was in my WAD. I have 7 KB in my WAS and 3,874KB in the WAD.
Do you know which animation is next? As in the #? She gets on and then when I let go of ctrl, she moves down like she is about to fall, then she repeats that animation. Which one does she use to fall down to the ground?

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20-04-07, 16:39
Animation #23 is the one while Lara is falling in air. Try that one.

20-04-07, 20:56
That looks like the right one. Now how do I link Animation #216 to #23?

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21-04-07, 04:49
Select animation #216 and fill the Next Animation box (found near the frame pointer) with number 23. That should do it ;)

21-04-07, 05:04
Select animation #216 and fill the Next Animation box (found near the frame pointer) with number 23. That should do it ;)

hehe.. That's what I meant to say, but I didn't know which numbers it was that you have to change... :o

22-04-07, 22:41
OK, not the next animation box in state change editor?
Did that, put 23 *enter* in the next animation box. Outputted new wad, and now the game crashes before the level loads :(

22-04-07, 23:05
Which animation # did you change the next animation # for?

23-04-07, 21:21
i put in 23. It was 77.

24-04-07, 02:03
77!? Which animation is that for? Like, what does it show her doing?

24-04-07, 03:07
77 is a jump forwards. It's her jumping UP, I could see her landing for a standing jump where you have action pressed yet no ledge to grab being the next animation, but 77 shouldn't be the next for a zip line landing :confused: