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11-04-07, 07:33
Hi. I have a question, I could've posted on the mature section, but I thought I'll post it here to, maybe, help out the young'ens.

It is, Do employers look at two years of relevant college experience as work experience?

I'm asking because I've been looking for a job for a while now, in an entry level position. But when I do a search under 0 to 1 yr experience I keep getting mundane search results for jobs. This is so frustrating. I'll be going into the working world as a young employee, but it's not getting a start. Any help, please? BTW I have no internship experience, and the two years I'm referring to are the last two years (BA degree.)

11-04-07, 07:47
Actually don't know how it's estimated by american employers, but here in Russia they say first like "And now forget what you've been taught, here you'll get real experience".
Every employer take as work experience only that you had within his business :rolleyes:

11-04-07, 10:19
Having no field experience doesn't help since a lot of companies these days won't hire anyone without any experience. Most companies won't take college experience into consideration unless you had an internship or you have a well placed contact with the company you're applying to. Getting an internship would help since that would get you a foot in the door. On the bright side, you stand a better chance of getting a job with a BA than no degree at all.

@EscondeR: It's pretty much the same here too.

11-04-07, 11:33
Ughh. I've also been applying to internship jobs for experience, but they only want students for those. I became positively sure when a company called me, and they said, "ohh we're still looking at u'r resume, but it says that you already graduated. Umm, we'll see what we can do." :mad:

11-04-07, 11:50
It is quite bizarre. Companies won't people without experience, yet, how are you supposed to gain experience if no one will employ you?

11-04-07, 11:52
^ ^ The thing that still remains the mystery of their mind for me :whi:

Another Lara
11-04-07, 13:24
I graduated with a BA degree last May and I still havent been able to find a job, I'm either too over qualified or haven't got enough work experience. I've got roughly two years worth of work experience from admin jobs I took at a bank while studying my degree but it still doesn't seem to be enough!:mad:

I'd look into voluntary work aswell, but I was told my unemployment benefits would suffer if I did, which I think is just really bloody stoopid!:hea:

11-04-07, 20:48
I so wish a BA wasn't the equivalent of a High School diploma. By the time I acquire an MA, that degree may well be useless too.

11-04-07, 21:28
/\ Ohh god. It does seem that way, this sucks. :( i just called the company back that i mentioned earlier, right now, cuz the number's saved in my cell phone. They have this weird system, where i have to use an employers code number to talk to someone. :hea: I was going to simply ask, why don't u consider college work to be experience, and why dont u hire people as interns when they already graduated?. Darn it, I couldn't. I will though, as soon as i get a number.

11-04-07, 21:32
Work experience...it's all slave labour if you ask me...well, t'is over hither.