View Full Version : Habbo USA?

Arron TR
11-04-07, 11:56
Anyone got a Habbo USA account I do im called @ARRONV@ :D

11-04-07, 11:57
I only use UK lol :D
I do have a USA account, but i think i've been on it like less
than ten times :vlol:

Arron TR
11-04-07, 11:58
Lol its funny Habbo im from UK but I use the USA one :confused:

11-04-07, 12:04
I quit going on habbo long time ago. People take it so seriously

Arron TR
11-04-07, 12:05
What did they do?

in these arms
11-04-07, 12:06
I don't use Habbo. It's awful.

You have to pay to get Credits to buy stuff. I use a different network, and thats perfec.

Arron TR
11-04-07, 12:11
Oh I know having to buy stuff is terrible I have never bought any and never will I have done competitions to win stuff next monday I will get 100 coins and 3 rares for a compo :D

If you have an old account that has stuff on and you dont want it pls PM me


btw what network do you use?

11-04-07, 12:14
I used to have habbo uk but i deleted it coz it was awful !

Arron TR
11-04-07, 12:23
How can you say its awful its so fun :D

well sorta lol

in these arms
11-04-07, 12:26
The one I go to is way better.

Make friends.
Ace New Homes.
Cheaper stuff
Get Credits free

11-04-07, 12:27
What's it called ? :)

in these arms
11-04-07, 12:42
Pepsi Train

11-04-07, 12:53
I have a whole room full of rares, and I never spent a penny to get them.

Silly girl trusted me with her account then ****ed me off, oopsie!

I don't play any more, I might have a little play now though :)

11-04-07, 13:37
I used to play that alot!
But now, it's just so childish to me, and the money you have to pay you don't wanna know what i've called to get those 'credits' :p
I was just from the Netherlands Habbo :)

11-04-07, 14:11
I spended 3500:- on habbo.se xD (350 euro). But I never play it anymore.