View Full Version : The infamous Tomb4.exe error

11-04-07, 13:20
Oh , so annoying :hea:
I installed TRLE recently and tried to open the Tomb4 file and as expected i got the infamous error. However , i tried the patch and it still don't work :confused:

Sorry guys , i know this question has been asked many times , but i haven't found a solution yet.

Zelda master
11-04-07, 14:40
'what are you trying to open a .TR4 file or a .PRJ file?

11-04-07, 16:04
If you are trying to run the game you need to make sure you have a title.tr4 in your TRLE/Data folder.
If it isn't there you need to create it yourself using the tom2pc.exe. ;)

12-04-07, 08:41
What "infamous error" are you talking about?