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tlr online
11-04-07, 14:23
Michael Plichta, an independent musician specialising in electronic and experimental compositions, recently got in touch to showcase a small collection of music inspired by the Tomb Raider series, and we're delighted to be able to deliver his music to fans of Lara Croft via our new Soundtrack microsite.

FULL INTERVIEW AND MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/headlines3217.html)

Tomb Raider Master
11-04-07, 14:25
Thanks for that. :)

11-04-07, 14:38
This is simply amazing :tmb:

His version of 'vertigo' from TR2 is brilliant, and Time to Run is nicely done too!

Thanks for sharing this with us!

11-04-07, 15:16
Thanks. (:

11-04-07, 15:30
Brilliant :D

11-04-07, 15:54
Downloading....Thanks very much Justin and Michael! :wve:

EDIT: Wow, the start of Decade Raider...I've heard before in several (exellent) custom levels. Now I know who to thank for this wonderful music :tmb:

11-04-07, 15:55
Hmmm, the themes are nicer than some of the " real " ones :yik:

Alex Fly
11-04-07, 16:24
I'm going to listen them. Thanks ! :wve:

11-04-07, 18:13
I'm downloading now. :)

Thank you Justin. :wve:

11-04-07, 18:20
The interview was great, thanks :tmb:

11-04-07, 19:19
Grrrr, I'm jealous (j/k). I recorded my own "music inspired by TR" and am hoping to put them up in my fanograhpy soon. Anyways, I've never heard Mr. Plichta's music before. Sounds cool so I should start listening. The interview was real nice too. Thanks tlr! :D

12-04-07, 06:21
Thx a lot for that friend, a true treasure:hug:

14-04-07, 20:40
Hello everyone, :wve:

Just wanted to say thank you for listening!

Hope you enjoyed it,