View Full Version : Changing the title textures

11-04-07, 15:50
I have begun to use a longer set of water textures and thus used TREP to make animated tiles animate faster.

But this also affects the water textures in the title. So I edited the title.tga and added the new water textures to it. And this causes trouble.

If I open the original title.prj equipped with the original title.tga and then load the new title.tga I can easily work with it...until I try to output a wad or save the title-project and later load it.

In both cases the editor suddenly requests a title.pcx and closes. I haven't such file and don't understand why it's necessary. What on earth is wrong with changing the title.tga? :confused:

I use the old TR-editor.

14-04-07, 11:04
Ok. I'll rephrase my question to see if that brings up any explanation on my problem:

If I am to build a title level myself what should I think of?
I know a title level can't use a sky.

And what is the max. number of texture tiles in the title level?