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11-04-07, 16:10
Tomb Raider - Release.... Summer Months 2007........

Simple Info

The mini-game i’m making at the moment will consist of 5+ levels… J

The game is going to be quite simple, sort of like TR1.

The textures I’m using are updated TR1 ones, from tombraiderxtra…

Greenkey2 is going to voice Lara.

About half of the levels are based in a newer style mansion.
The reason behind this is that a lot of fans have said in various TRA threads,
that after finishing off a level, it’s nice to go and play in Laras house.
Note : These levels can be exited at any-time, apart from the finale...

Lara will have a different outfit for each level to match the occasion, for example, the house will have Po Yu’s TR3 Manor Remake, etc J.

The enemies will be very old school.

Lara will live with a friend, who she shares a large bedroom with… ( separate beds of course, as this isn’t panty raider…. *thread empties* ).

Two confirmed locations for Lara are some “ Peruvian Caves” and “ The Water Works”, the latter being a sort of underground water complex, inspired by the
Greco/Roman levels taken from TR1.

Swing-Poles are in-game, but I need to get some help with them, or I might have to remove them….





Greco/Roman Image

*coming soon*

please post any questions you might have, including all comments too, nice or nasty :p

kill bill
11-04-07, 16:14
:tmb: Do you want to use my swing poles ainms or do you want me to create some for you:jmp: EG not having to hold ^ + Ctrl. Turn around. Jump off with ALT And make her grab multi poles:jmp: and jumps off pole goes to blocks:D I would rather create them for you. So mine dont look like its been copyied from yrs.

ALSO the textures are woooooooooow. Hint hint I might use lost valley textures LOL

BTW you must be using 256By 256 textures because they are wwwwway to detailed for 64*64 textures

11-04-07, 16:46
128*128 since i resized :)
Yes i'd love you to make me some anims for it :D
The trouble is, when lara lands on them, especially when going from one to the next, her hands grab onto thin air above them o.O

kill bill
11-04-07, 17:04
Depands where you position them;) And how she grabed them. I just really do the Go to ledge Tap back wards run and jump for ones further away. Ones not far way EG 1block I got to ledge jump and grab immeditly:D

11-04-07, 17:59
Looking forward to seeing the finished game David :wve: I like the colour combinations you've used on the Peru level so far.

12-04-07, 10:31
Thanks, i love bright water... :D

12-04-07, 12:50
I love the Peru level, but something about the mansion, just doesn't feel right...:confused: I don't know what it is though...

12-04-07, 13:00
It's changed alot now, i'll post a screen in 5 mins, then tell me what you think :)

12-04-07, 13:05
Voila :)


12-04-07, 13:25
Looks interestning... It's something like modern art.
I wouldn't like to live there, lol, but as I said, It looks interestning and good.

12-04-07, 13:27
Looks cool. I love the cealing:D