View Full Version : Johnny Cash's home destroyed by fire

Another Lara
11-04-07, 16:21
Anyone else see this on the news today? I am a Johnny Cash and June Carter fan myself (although only recently!) and when I found this out I felt awful! Even though he had more than one house, this one in Hendersonville was the one that Johnny and June really called home for their 35 years of marriage.

I doubt any of his belongings were in the house at the time seeing as the house was bought by Barry Gibb *ew!*, but it's still the fact that the house meant a lot to the Cash family and obviously Johnny Cash fans.:(

I also heard it was going to be turned into a Johnny Cash museum, so I can only hope that the house is rebuilt and the plan for a museum goes ahead; it would be even more of a shame if the place was totally wiped clean of the memory of the home that once stood there.

Here's the article from CNN:

11-04-07, 16:27
looks like this 'reign of fire' got to his house.
hehe, get it :pi:

Another Lara
11-04-07, 16:43
Oh I saw that coming a mile away!:rolleyes:

Even though it's awful news, you can't help but be amused at the irony that it burned so easy due to the highly flammable wood preservating stuff! That ain't asking for trouble is it?! *shakes head*

tlr online
11-04-07, 16:44
Heard about this on the BBC. :(

11-04-07, 18:17
I'm a huge Johnny Cash fan myself, but frankly, I don't care that much. He no longer needs it, and his music will live on long after his last house burned down. Still, it's sad.

11-04-07, 19:51
I heard about that too. It does suck. But it is kind of ironic. :tea: