View Full Version : The Cadbury Easter Egg Delight.

11-04-07, 16:47
So a co-worker of mine just came back from the UK with The Cadbury Easter Egg Delight. She decided to share it too!

Well for those that arn't familiar with the Cadbury Easter Egg Delight, it's a non-creme filled milk chocolate egg about 6 inches long.

It's hollow... and within it is a second non-creme filled milk chocolate egg about 5 inches long.

It's hollow... and within it is a group of three 1 inch long creme filled eggs.

The oddity though... is that this chocolate is SOOO much smoother than the stuff we normally get here in N. America and the Cadbury Easter Egg Delight is not available to us. :(

I'm just happy I get to par-take in this chocolate madness at least once. :)

For those of you in the UK... I highly recommend picking one up. Also... if you know of this product... how much do one of these eggs cost? I'm curious.

Another Lara
11-04-07, 16:49
I think I know which one you're talking about...but they cost A LOT so I would never get one myself...*waits patiently for someone to buy me one!*

11-04-07, 17:03
Now Easter is over I very much doubt they will be in the shops anymore.:(

however the day after Christmas the shops will be filled with them!

11-04-07, 17:38
i've seen them around in the shops before but i have no idea how much they cost or what they taste like... i'm happy with my aero bubbles easter egg :D

11-04-07, 17:49
:eek: Sounds like they should re-label it "death by chocolate overload".

11-04-07, 19:04
IMO Cadbury's is one of the best choc's you can get

But nothing will EVER beat Toblerone!:p

11-04-07, 19:07
^^^ So true :D

Or Whole Nut hmmm :D