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11-04-07, 17:38

My heart skipped a joyous beat yesterday evening as I returned home from the office. My copy of Battle Royale 2 : Revenge had arrived on the doormat (along with a note from next door about Jon's wonky parking, but let's not go there), a film I had been waiting for so long to arrive I think I might have gone down the post office and starting my own Battle Royale had it taken much longer - "John Peters, postman #14, DEAD. 26 postmen left". Well it's fun to daydream.

At approximately 10pm then I settled down for 160 minutes of subtitled mayhem. Well, it was mayhem in a way and that's the problem. Battle Royle 2 is absolutely atrocious. My dear God, how can such a cinematic classic be followed up with this utter pig's drivel? :confused: It must have been the Japanese year of the turkey when this got made. I actually turned it off to go to sleep with about an hour still to run, only to turn it back on again so I could moan about it today without feeling guilty that I hadn't seen the entire film.

The classic first film was like Teen Big Brother with guns, 42 teenagers stranded on an island and forced to blow the living crap out of each other until 1 survivor remained, basically because the government wanted to make an example of modern day rowdy teens. It was simple in format, stylistic, and just great fun. In the sequal, 42 more teenagers are forced to infiltrate a second island in order to assassinate a terrorist leader, who just happens to be one of the survivors from the previous Battle Royale game. It doesn't sound that bad but it is bad when you watch it, believe me.

Take the initial invasion of the island, for example, which is like a poor man's Saving Private Ryan. Oh those special effects when the boats blow up! I haven't seen anything as bad since Pierce Brosnan parasurfed in front of a blue screen in Die Another Day. And what's the point in the new rule that says if one teenagers dies, another teenager's collar will explode, thus resulting in two deaths for the price of one? Aren't the adults supposed to actually WANT the invaders to succeed in their mission?

In the first film all the competitors were allowed to roam the island in 2's and 3's, and you never quite knew where the camera was going to pan next. Here, all twenty-something of the beach survivors plod on in one big squashed up group, meaning it's all too predictable what the next scene is going to be. There is none of the scenic beauty of the first film either. Almost all the action takes place inside one big nonsensical structure. It looks like a 4 bedroom house from the outside, but then when you get inside you discover it's actually the size of Area 51.

Once the competitors have predictably sided with the rebels, Japanese troops invade and we spend the rest of the film in one endless "rat-a-tat-tat" mode. All the soldiers are perfectly happy to keel over and die once they get shot, but every teenager that gets shot lies down down for about 10 seconds WITHOUT FAIL and spouts a piece of farewell philosophy (at which point the background gunfire mysteriously pauses), such as "A friend in need is a friend indeed! Go forth and fight!", or some other crap. All the teens with credited character names seem to do this. Most of the un-named grunts just die instantaneously.

Luckily for the rebels, there's an underground passage linking the island and the mainland for everyone to escape through. You'd think the government would have known about this seeing how they probably built the damn thing, but not to worry. To cut to the gist, three teens stay on the island and fight off about 100 adult troops. One dies and then the other two copy the ending to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and even then they still don't die. Two minutes later they appear in some Middle Eastern country without a single scratch on their bodies, their escape from through Japanese customs unexplained.

OHHH MMMYYYY WORRRRD. It's just not fair this film can be so bad. Films you wait so long to see - it's not right when they turn out bad. It's just not right. Oh the pain. And I've got a horrible cold. I'm on Lemsip.

11-04-07, 17:46
Yeah I have seen both and the first one is fantastic. But the second just wasnt as good and it removed the original idea of BR1 and replaced it with what people have seen hundreds of times.

11-04-07, 17:50
OMG I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE BATTLE ROYALE i love em both i have the whole manga book editions too vol1 to 15 its great u shoukd check them out if u like the first film. They r by Tokyopop the artwork is stunning however i will say not for under 18's its very graphics and pornographic in some places too

kill bill
11-04-07, 17:54
1 Was way betta.:cln: Wouldnt you love to meet Chika Kuyriama:cln: :jmp: :D

11-04-07, 17:54
I've said before that I thought BRII was an absolute travesty of a film. Anyone who decides to watch it on the strength of the original has my sympathies; it's overblown, overcooked, dialogue-heavy and (crucially) just plain boring. I'm posting this in the hope that I might be able to save a few others from wasting any of their time on it too ;)

11-04-07, 18:55
I liked the death of the blonde girl in the beginning. :D

Definitely crap otherwise.

11-04-07, 19:21
first one is superior. Second one isnt bad, but its hardly BR .

11-04-07, 19:25
First one was utter brilliance, the second was just ****!

11-04-07, 20:20
Well that's what you get when you try to turn a movie based on a novel into a cash cow :)

11-04-07, 20:22
Agreed, the 2nd was was nothing like the original, and the plot in the 1st was superb.

11-04-07, 23:12
I don't really like either of them, although i think the second is alot worse than the first, but then again, try comparing carrie and carrie 2 ;)

Lara Croft!
11-04-07, 23:52
It wasn't what I expected,judging from the first movie,but it wasn't that bad.

For me the worst sequel is Disney's Pocahontas.....It is my fav cartoon movie (since I was a kid) and they ruined it for me!!!:hea: :hea: :hea:

12-04-07, 00:01
Thanks for the feedback, I really enjoyed the first movie and was looking forward to see the second... but I guess it's not worth it...:tmb:

It wasn't what I expected,judging from the first movie,but it wasn't that bad.

For me the worst sequel is Disney's Pocahontas.....It is my fav cartoon movie (since I was a kid) and they ruined it for me!!!:hea: :hea: :hea:

Most Disney sequal are all crap, they are only made just to make some extra bucks...

Real Life Lara
12-04-07, 00:20
First one was amazing, but like you've all already said, the second just wasnt as great atall. For one, not enough Shuya =[ *loves Tatsuya Fujiwara* :D

12-04-07, 06:51
Agreed... BRII Stinks.... but there are waaaaay worse sequels......

Highlander2, 3 etc.... Dusk 'til Dawn..brilliant film... D't'D 2, 3, 4 (how many did they make in the end?) sucked sooooo badly.

12-04-07, 10:12
I agree with you Scotlee. Did you know Quentin Tarantino was aked to be the "school teacher" for this one? He politely declined, and I can see why!! The whole film is abysmal.

I first saw this film for free at the Glastonbury Festival at 2am. I think I was over charged! :D