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11-04-07, 17:50
So that... I have been doing one "Anaya" as guide, with the textures of TRL and using Strpix, and well, I enjoy using metaseq but when I have to texture them >.< ...

Also, now, meshes are more complex and have more triangles so for me at least, the texture stage is a hell @.@

For the moment I have to end the chest, but that, Anaya´s chest have a lot of triangles and is too hard for me texture it.

For that, I ask over here if someone knows any other way to texture meshes, Sims is more fun, you have all the body and just have to paint or change the texture, Unreal Tournament 1, same, you have all the body with the ¿"net"? and you just have to paint on it. Is more easy use 1 text for all the body...

But TR ... Q.Q .... 70 textures for the head.... 10 for the legs.... 5 for the foots.... 4 for the hands.... and I have to do the chest yet @.@ ....

Well with patient I will do it as all. However, I don´t lost nothing asking.

¿There are another way to texture objects in TR? or ¿any advice to survive in this stage? ¿how do you make it @.@?

(I use Photoshop -> Wad Merger -> Stripx -> My Own Will :D )

12-04-07, 08:43
Sorry, but STRPix is the only way to texture objects for LE.
No UV-wrapping for us poor souls. :(

I found it easier to texture if I consider the way it should be textured while building the mesh in Meta.
- Make as many nice looking squares as possible, divide them in triangles when needed.
- Line the squares up nicely so it will be easier to cut the individual textures from the larger base texture.

Below is an example of a fairly simple torso for Lara:

Some creative cutting and pasting and editing is still needed but for me this method makes texturing a complex object a bit easier. :D

12-04-07, 08:46
I believe if you export the mesh with Strpix, it adds information to remember the textures when you import it. If you change the mesh alot, parts of it might not be textured, but most of it should still have textures. It can save alot of work.

12-04-07, 08:55
Correct. You can use the program reStrtexture for that. :tmb:

I would use it if I wanted the change the torso even more.
I'd export it to Meta, edit it a bit and then I'd run reStrtexture to get most of the textures back before importing it back into Strpix. ;)

But this only works and it only helps if you export an object that's already fully textured.
It is of less use if you want to completely retexture an object with completely new textures. You'd still have to do it one by one. :(

14-04-07, 15:14
where can i find reStrtexture

14-04-07, 15:17
Here: http://www.trsearch.org/Tools.php?action=gettool&tool=18

14-04-07, 15:27