View Full Version : Camera Bug?

Bacon Lara
11-04-07, 19:29


Do you know whats wrong sometimes when i play Tomb Raider Levels the screen starts to stretch and squish and it wont stop it usually happens when im in a small space or jumping and shooting ect...:hea:
Dd u know whats wrong or how 2 fix it:confused: :confused:

11-04-07, 19:38
Becasue you get poisoned by some creature... Take medipack.

Bacon Lara
11-04-07, 19:38
what do u mean?
if u mean the yellow in the health bar it was always like that I wasnt poisned or killed ect... in either picture

Edit: nevermind u were right i just needed a health pack:)

11-04-07, 20:21
:vlol: You really thought that was a BUG?! :vlol:

Bacon Lara
11-04-07, 20:24
Ive never played tomb raider 4 or 5 so im used to the old poisoning:p

11-04-07, 20:51
Ok, sorry. I thought your post was very funny though.