View Full Version : Unfinished Buinesse Remake online????

kill bill
11-04-07, 21:53
Click Me (www.laraslevelbase.org)

11-04-07, 22:22
Nice news Kill Bill ! Thank you ! :tmb:

I may play it even if I played the original ! :D

11-04-07, 23:24
It would be nice if Daoine Sidhe had made this, but it's worth a try! ;)

Sir Croft
12-04-07, 02:42
I'm playing this now. Its a very nice level but it's a bit weird to see a detailed Lara model walking around in a low quality texture environment. :p

12-04-07, 09:14
Isn't that how it was in TR1 Revised anyway?

12-04-07, 09:18
Isn't that how it was in TR1 Revised anyway?

No,Jens used the original Lara model for his remake..

12-04-07, 10:15
Actually, in his remake, it was a low poly lara, sort of like TR4, but in TR1 style :)

12-04-07, 18:08
Woah, this is really freaky. Is Unfinished Business better than this? It's really hard lol! :D