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11-04-07, 23:14
I just saw the new Quentin Tarantino movie called Grindhouse. Running time was 3 hours 20 mins. It's 2 movies back-to-back. The first one is a zombie movie just like Night of the Living Dead. Lots of action. Even a stripper who loses one leg and has it replaced with a machine gun which she uses to kill zombies while she break dances. Violence, gore you've seen it all before. Hey, that rhymes!

Part 2 is about 4 women who test drive a used car just for the excitement of driving a 1970 Dodge Challenger with a 440 Magnum engine. They take it on the highway with one girl sunning herself on the hood at 90 mph. I kid you not. It's hard to watch. Then along comes grizzly old Kurt Russel who hates all women. He rams the girls with his Dodge Charger and they smash each other for miles. He finally gets run off the road and they shoot him in the arm. Then they start chasing him! It's now him trying to get away, but they finally catch him after he crashes and they circle around him and beat him to death with their fists. An incredibly sick scene.

It was entertaining, but all pointless. Quentin Tarantino is a weirdo and he likes this kind of stuff. If you like it, then you'll like this. But as movies go, it's a piece of you-know-what. I enjoyed part two- the car chases scenes. But it's still a piece of you-know-what.

As to part 1, George Romero is still the King!
Scale from A-F: C-

Soma Holiday
11-04-07, 23:23
I didn't wanna see this movie until I saw the critics reviews, which were all really good lol...

but since proffesional critics are usually wrong, and normal critics like you are right...I'll probably skip this one...

I love Robert Rodriquez...he's my favorite director, and that's the only reason I wanted to see it, guess I shouldn't waste ma time...though I did like Sin City...is Planet Terror anything like that at all?

12-04-07, 00:06
I didn't see sin city. All I can say is Planet Terror is just like any other zombie flick. Not a thing new. The town's people all get exposed to some military gas weapon and they get big boils and gross faces and they eat people and dismember them. We've all seen this stuff before.
Like I said, if you're a fan of this, then spend $6 for a daytime show. But otherwise, save your money.
I too was fooled by Ebert and Roeper giving it 2 thumbs up. They should get jobs.

12-04-07, 04:13
Looks like a classic "B" movie. I hope it comes out on DVD soon.