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12-04-07, 00:25
Ok who loves this show? It's on at 9pm est. Last night Jennifer Lopez was on and I think she had some great advice. Who are your favourite singers? I looove Chris. His voice is so dreamy and of course his eyes are too. Also Melinda and Haley are really great in my opinion. Most of the others are good too I think but the above I like very much. :)

12-04-07, 00:26
My opinion: VOTE SANJAYA OFF! :mad: :hea:

12-04-07, 00:32
Ugh I agree. Though I heard there are a lot of young girl voters so that's why he's still in the competition.

12-04-07, 00:34
My opinion: VOTE SANJAYA OFF! :mad: :hea:


I like watching it.. it show's a bit later here in Finland.. but it doesn't bother me :)

12-04-07, 00:45
I dont really watch the series just the auditions. Sanjaya sucks lol. I saw the episode when he had a mowhawk.

12-04-07, 00:48
I hate this show. The auditions are the only good part! And that Sanjaya kid is FREAKY. :S

the hooliganz
12-04-07, 00:52
watch this show, and i think it is nice, but i don't like it much, i only watch it when there is nothing good in TV

12-04-07, 01:03
I think its fun to watch. I really love to watch those weird people who auditioning believing they're going to the next winner - and sings like a cow giving birth. God, I swear I could laugh to death sometimes. They do find some really talented people too though, like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood for example.

I can’t forget to mention the World Idol though - Norwegian, Kurt Nilsen.

12-04-07, 01:20
I don't watch it at all but I've heard Sanjaya's spanish song and I didn't think he was bad at all. He did a lot better than I could've. :)

12-04-07, 02:13
Ohhh geez what's the big deal with Sanjaya? I dont' even care about American Idol anymore. And why? This is not the first time things like this happened. The good ones go, and people with squeeky voiced Fantasia Barrino stays.

12-04-07, 04:33
I watch it. Jordin and Melinda are my favorites. :)

12-04-07, 06:00
Sanjaya is no comment. I love Blake, and I miss Antonella x.x

12-04-07, 07:03
Ok heres my 10 min. long rants about sanjya!!!!.......
i hate the kid
he thinks hes some ****
if he doesnt get voted off next show ill...
im good...
*mental breakdown for 20 mins...:hea: :hea:

12-04-07, 10:27
Is Sanjaya the boy who looks like Mowgli from the Jungle Book?

12-04-07, 11:26
Is Sanjaya the boy who looks like Mowgli from the Jungle Book?

yeah :vlol:

I hate him... Simon and the rest of the panel kind of just gave up on him xD America for some reason really wants to keep him around... maybe as a joke? I'm not one of the people to watch every episode and stuff, However i have seen him perform... to be honest he sucks horribly, It ****es me off that others are going home when they are doing far better then him... He is like william hung... except he is getting further then just auditions.

12-04-07, 11:32
I don't see the point in these shows, no matter who wins, they're gone in 15 minutes.....

12-04-07, 12:02
I don't watch the show, but I can't escape hearing about it! Based just on what I do know about the show, this Sanjaya thing has been a long time coming. It's a popularity contest pure and simple. Talent is somewhat secondary. Just like all these "Survivor" shows--the winner DOES NOT exhibit great survival skills--not if he/she were actually stranded in a remote location. They merely play the social/political game well...

12-04-07, 12:51
Please guys do sth for me. Go here: [removed] and vote for Christine Aguilera - Candyman! Please please please! I want her to perform on the show, and it'll only happen if she is in Top10 on AmericanIdol's HitList. It takes 1 minute! Will you be so kind? :hug: Love you! :D :hug:

Ohhh by the way: VOTE SANJAYA OFF!

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