View Full Version : Static Object Causing Crash

12-04-07, 18:21
I have made an object; 8 lasers together, all as one object, like this:


It isn't anything fancy, it's just in a static architecture slot. I've used a texture of 15x70 in resolution on every face, all of them semi-transparent. It caused the level to crash on loading when I place any, so I deleted all of them from my map. It still crashed. I then deleted the object from my wad and the level worked. So just the object being in the WAD causes a crash, nevermind actually having it in my level. :o Is the texture too big? Does the mesh have too many vertices? I've applied all the extended memory patches in TREP, but to no effect. Any ideas appreciated, thanks.

12-04-07, 20:21
Did you use a shiny value on the object? This will cause a crash unless you import it back as an animating but then you will lose internal lighting.

Your object has many vertices. 255 is the maximum within the normal engine. If you enabled the vertices limit then it should be fine.

12-04-07, 20:26
No, I used semi transparent textures, not shiny. Will semi transparent cause a crash?

Edit: I imported it into an animating slot but it still causes a crash.