View Full Version : i think my girlfriend is gonna break up with me

12-04-07, 19:25
she hasn't been talking to me and i keep saying to myself not to care when it happens but i can't help it! i practically love her! what can help me get over this? plz give me some advice. i'm so sad :(

12-04-07, 19:32
Kid, this is probably the worst place to ask for advice. Besides, it's not the end of the world. You're too young for this kind of stuff anyway.

12-04-07, 19:35
You're only 12. Seeing as you're so young I doubt what you feel is love. You will get over it if she does ;)

12-04-07, 19:35
Pirate's right - you're very young to be agonising over relationships yet (the whole getting into relationships, rather than worrying about this one, if you follow me).

Not to sound mean, but this really isn't the place to be asking for advice on this subject. Thread closed.