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13-04-07, 09:08
Hey guys, long time no seen, just been busy, anyways...

Remember last year around the Eurovision Song Contest when we were all fighting about the Icelandic entry titled: Sylvía Night? Well if not mind your own business!! (kidding) if you dont, then it was an actress in a part who acted like a ****** to everyone and insulted everyone and even spit on a reporter. It was suppose to be a huge joke but noone laughed... infact everyone was insulted.

Anyways I thought Id give you the latest scoop on her. Shes still at it...unfortiounately... She made another TV series wich she sold to an Icelandic TV station for 40.000.000 kronur (aprox 450.000 Euros, a HUGE sum for an Icelandic TV series) then she made an album, wich she released all over the world with zero publicity except here in Iceland, and Its not selling AT ALL.

Basically, the actress Ágústa Eva, is simply trying to cash in as much as she can on this burned out joke, and noone is laughing any more, now its just stupid and people are wishing for her to stop this crap and start acting and writing song by HERSELF (She playd a big part in last years most popular Icelandic film and got great reviews) and everyone thinks she herself could actually have a career here but if she continues this crap for much longer noone is gonna be interrested in her when she comes out of SYLVÍA NIGHT!

Anyways, good to be back, cant wait for Anniversary, hope its longer than Legend and doesnt suck;)

Peace out

13-04-07, 09:20
Hey ingistefans, long time no see :wve:

Sigh, I hate it when people don't know when to stop in time. There are many celebrities like her in the world, burned out jokes who people don't care about anymore.

Night Crawler
13-04-07, 12:18
Lmao, I remember Sylvia "Conratulations, I have arrived!" Night from last year. :vlol: