View Full Version : Waterfall problem

13-04-07, 10:50
I have build a room with four waterfalls in it. At least they are in my project, in game only three will function. Whenever I replace the one that is not functioning another will disappear :o
I thought about the flame emitter bug, as there are 11 of them in the level.
But after removing the triggers one waterfall will still not function!
The wad is not so big (801 textinfos and 9 tiles), so what may cause this.

Any help will be greatly apreciated!

13-04-07, 12:19
Sounds strange...
Do you mean waterfallobjects or TO-Waterfalls?
What do you mean with "only 3 will function"?
has the other one the wrong texture or isn't it there?

The Wad isn't too big, 800 texinfos isn't much.

13-04-07, 12:33
It's just like in this screen: If i renew the first waterfall in my project, one of the others disapear :confused: