View Full Version : Gildos wont work

13-04-07, 13:58
Ok so i have tomb raider 1 the sold out version and ive installed gildos and the actual game :D it was all working perfectly fine until i clicked start game :( it said wrong version of tomb and i was lk :eek: any idea wats wrong???

13-04-07, 18:17
Go to TR1 FAQ (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/faq/tr1.html) and read instructions how to setup TR1 under Windows XP. All nesessary software downloads given. You can also run using DgVoodoo not Glidos (seems to be more stable and it's free)

13-04-07, 18:25
Glidos needs the 'Voodoo' version of Tomb.exe - Glidos works only with programs that use Glide, and the version of tomb.exe that you get when you first install Tombraider doesn't use Glide - you can download it from here:


you need the 'TR1 Voodoo Rush patch for PC'

or it's available here:


Scroll down to 'Dracman's Tomb Raider 1 GLIDOS, Rush Tomb.exe package to use with GLIDOS'

Once you've downloaded,just copy the file into the TOMBRAID folder on your hard drive and the game will work fine :)

13-04-07, 18:41
As I've said all nesessary staff is given on THAT (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/faq/tr1.html) page.
Glide patch for TR1 is already included in TRAI (Tomb Raider Advanced Installer) which better use for the quickest and best result. This prevents from inventing a wheel ;)