View Full Version : How long Does it Take You to Complete Each TR Game?

13-04-07, 18:14
TR1 - 11/12/13 hours.

TR2 - 14 and a half hours

TR3 - Never completed. :(

Last Revelation - Never completed. :(

Chronicles - Never completed. :(

AOD - 10-15 hours

Legend - 3 and a half hours. :yik:

Legend of Lara
13-04-07, 21:03
TR1, TR3, TLR- Never completed. Progress halted.

AOD- Never completed. In progress.

TRL- Ooh, about 4 hours. :p

13-04-07, 21:10
TR1- 19 hours
TR2- never completed
TR3- 20hours :p
TR4: I don't know but it takes some days
TR5- 7-10 hours
TR6- Never completed. (I get bored but now when i reinstalled it it feels amazing so I will probebly complete it)
TR7- 2-3 hours

13-04-07, 21:11
I've never counted. =(

(Well, as far as TR4 goes, I'm still counting. :cln:)

Sara Croft
13-04-07, 21:13
I cant remember, but i used i would guess.
TR1: 11Hours
TR2: 14Hours
TR3: Not completed yet.
TR4: 20 hours maybe? :P
TR5: Not completed
TR6: 15 Hours
TRL: 3-4 Hours
This was the first times (not legend though, that was about 7 hours first time)

13-04-07, 21:16
TR1-20 Hours at least:)
TR2-Nearly finished, so far about...15-20 hours
TR3-Not complete yet.
TR4-Errm only half way through:p
TR5-15 hours.
TR6-20 hours.
TR7-No more than 10.
[All of these were from my first go through like...]

13-04-07, 21:20
TR1 - Not completed. Have spent over 15 hours on it and not got even halfway through the game yet. D: It's a wee bit more demanding than Legend was, hehe.

TR2 - About 15 hours; got quite close to the end of the game, but haven't completed it yet.

TR3 - First run through, about 20 hours. Now I'm about 30 mins to 1 hour per level.

TR4 - Not even a third of the way through. It's so long! :yik: I've spent about 12 hours on it so far.

TR5 - Took about 10 hours (I got through to the end of the Russian sub levels in one sitting...).

AoD - Spent 4 days straight playing it on the PS2. About 30 hours in the end. Loved it all.

Legend - About 8 hours, playing for a couple of hours a day (family computer, internet-dependent sister). The level of detail in the level design kept me occupied and confused me quite frequently... I'm used to games where most of the extra details are interactive, so I kept trying to mess about with boxes, tables, poles, boulders, wall hangings, etc. that actually did nothing. -_-

13-04-07, 22:05
Tomb Raider: 10 hours
Tomb Raider II: 17 hours
Tomb Raider III: 20 hours
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation: 24 hours
Tomb Raider: Chronicles: 5 hours
Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness: 17 hours
Tomb Raider: Legend: 2 hours

13-04-07, 22:06
TR3 - First run through, about 20 hours. Now I'm about 30 mins to 1 hour per level.

From a supermod?

You're a disgrace.

the hooliganz
13-04-07, 22:11
Tomb Raider: Don't have one
Tomb Raider II: Almost Completed (need to finish the last two levels)
Tomb Raider III: Never Completed
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation:never completed
Tomb Raider: Chronicles: Almost completed (need to get pass the last robot on the last level)
Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness: Never Completed
Tomb Raider: Legend: AlmostCompleted (need to finish boss level)

Mad Tony
13-04-07, 22:12
Not sure about all of them (it was a long time ago when I last completed them), I've never completed AoD but I can tell you all one thing. Legend is way too short.

13-04-07, 22:15
From a supermod?

You're a disgrace.

I know. It's shameful. :vlol:

But I'm an artist. I like staring at the scenery as much as actually playing it. :D

Tomb Raider Master
13-04-07, 22:23
TR1 - don't know exactly, somewhere around 6 hours
TR2 - around 6-7 hours
TR3 - 8-9 hours
TR4 - 7-8 hours
TR5 - around 2-3 hours
TR6 - can't remember exactly
TR7 - can pull it off under 2 hours

13-04-07, 22:44
So we only count the time when we're actually playing and progressing in the game? Hmm, if I'd play straight through the levels and know what to do then it would just depend on how many areas there are and how large they are and how much time doing the puzzles require etc. etc., but if I had never ever played before.. Then it takes lots of time, naturally. Many hours, even days. That's if I play non-stop, and when we think about it in reality I'm obviously NOT able to play all the time, duh! When I'm playing I don't need to rush. I'm running around exploring and trying to figure out what to do next and so on. That means that to me the whole process of gameplay takes actually MONTHS and even more. And to be honest, I would not have solved any TR games until this day without using some walkthroughs. It's not that I use them everytime I encounter a problem, just when I'm reeeeeally stuck and Can Not think of anything to do. I'm so trying to avoid the walkies but peeping at them is way too easy thing to do when being frustrated.. :rolleyes:
But umm, the short answer to this is, erh..
Lots Of Time!

14-04-07, 04:16
This is how long it took me to finish them on the first attempt.

TR1 - Never Finished
TR2 - 6-7 Hours
TR3 - 8-9 Hours
TR4 - Never Finished
TR5 - Can't remember, perhaps 4-5 Hours
TRAOD - Ages! Probably more than 10 hours
TRL - 2-3 Hours

SpongeBob Lover
14-04-07, 05:55
i dont remeber but i know it took me months to finish AOD :D

14-04-07, 06:14
Wow so many people finished Legend in under 3 hours. I took 15.

What did I do wrong?

14-04-07, 06:57
Usually around 6 to 7 hours for any of the 1 to 4 TR's. Don't know about the others.

14-04-07, 07:21
TR1 - One and a half year XD
TR2 - Several months
TR3 - Never completed
TR4 - Never completed
TR5 - 3 years
AoD - 3 months
Legend - 3 days

lol, I'm a slow player :p

14-04-07, 08:51
Wow so many people finished Legend in under 3 hours. I took 15.

What did I do wrong?

*cough* i took 23 *cough* :o

14-04-07, 08:56
Tr1 - i cant remember :( LOL
Tr2 - not done...
tr3 - not done...
tr4 - not done...
tr5 - need i say it ?
AOD - only done the DVD-game :vlol:
Legend - can't rembember under 10 ... lol

14-04-07, 09:22
TR1- Halfway there.
TR2- 13 hours
TR3- Never even dented the surface of that game :(
TR4- A work in progress
TR5- A work in progress
TR6- 10 hours
TR7- Can scratch 2 hours if I'm having a good day.

14-04-07, 09:28

14-04-07, 09:33
TR1 - 7 Hours
TR2 - I can't remember! About 15 hours me thinks...
TR3 - Meh...
TR4 - Not finished it yet.
TRC - 5 Hours.
TR AoD - On a good day, about 8 hours.
TR7 - 4 - 5 hours (Of getting all the rewards and crap too XD)

14-04-07, 11:27
TR1- Never completed
TR2- Never Completed
TR3- Not Played
TR4- Never Completed
TR5- Not Played
AOD- 17 hours at most!
Legend - It took me 2 weeks.... thats only coz I played half an hour each day so it would last longer :D.

14-04-07, 11:50
This is after I've played them some times... :D

TR1 - About 6 hours.
TR2 - About 7 hours.
TR3 - 9 hours or so…
TR4 - 7 - 8 hours.
TR5 - Around 2 - 3 hours.
TR6 - About 10. God, I was really lazy with this game, so I could probably do it faster.
TR7 - Under 2 hours.