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13-04-07, 21:59
Hey guys, I wanted to know if any of you could tell me where I could find the cutscenes for TR II, III, and IV. I was in the process of filming them myself, but alot of my discs aren't working, normally I'd just get another copy, but i'm broke at the moment. but anyway, any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. (you may even get a cookie) :D

13-04-07, 22:08
Moved to General Chat. You can find them here:

13-04-07, 22:10
Have you checked Tomb Raider Chronicles.com its full of loadsa info that you'd think you'd never need, until you do if ya get my drift :)

13-04-07, 22:36
Thanks Anubis, just what I was looking for.