View Full Version : Disturbia!

14-04-07, 05:38
Well went to the movies today with a few friends and saw this movie, now it wasn't my idea I wanted to see the Ninja Turtles (I'm such a whimp) :p but they wanted to see a Friday 13th-ish movie so they dragged me in. It was a really good movie, very scary movie and had it's funny parts. The end had it's thriller moments, I highly recommend it. :D


14-04-07, 05:50
Cool! The trailer looks interesting, though it's obviously very Rear Window, but ohwell.

I never thought Shia LaBeouf would rise to these kinds of famous heights (Disturbia, Indiana Jones 4...), but, here we are.

14-04-07, 15:14
Never saw that one coming, but you'd really enjoy it. :D

Hybrid Soldier
14-04-07, 15:44
I've only seen the trailer for it in theatres. All i know is that guy is from the show "Even Stevens". :D

14-04-07, 16:09
I'm definitely seeing it. This and Vacancy with Kate Beckinsale both look like awesome scary movies! :tmb:

15-04-07, 07:57
I definantly wanna see it. I saw the preview for it at the beginning of Hot Fuzz and I just enjoyed the trailer straight away.

15-04-07, 08:55
Trailer looks pretty good. But it doesn't seem like my kind of film, but I actually would like to see it xD.