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14-04-07, 10:59
I've tried to make a new animation for one of the existing doors so that it slams open rather than opens slowly.

But something isn't working correctly. When the door opens in game a brief view of the closed door is shown at the end of the opening like a flicker.

I don't know why as I am certain all frames in the opening animation are correct. So there should not be a frame with the closed door at the end of the animation to cause this.
I have also made sure that the last frame matches the look of the fully opened door.

The original open-door-animation was a lot longer (40 frames) than the present one (10 frames). Does that have anything to say?

Since I'm a beginner in this field I might have missed something somewhere. Any suggestions?

14-04-07, 11:28
This tends to happen more often, usually when the framerate is higher than 1. ;)

To fix it try adding a couple more frames to the animation, so all of the last 3-5 frames are exactly the same.
- So lets say your animation is now made up of 10 frames and it is animation1 of your door.
- Copy the last frame (of the open door) and add it several times at the end of the animation so you end up with 13 or so frames.
- Set Next Animation to 1 and Next Frame to 11 or 12.

This usually solves the problem for me. ;)
It is also possible to have the door opening animation followed by another animation of 2-3 frames, for example animation2 (Next Animation in animation 1 then needs to be set to 2, instead of 1). The frames should be exactly the same as the last frame of your dooropening animation.
Set Next animation of this animation2 to 2 to make it loop back to itself.

14-04-07, 11:35
:tmb: My framerate is 4, so I believe you are right. Off to carry out your piece of advice.

14-04-07, 11:55
The problem can also accour when the framerate is 1 though.
I have a looping animation for an animated Lara object for the title flyby of my HM levels and it also has a flicker I haven't been able to get rid off. :(
(animation loops back to itself by because Next Frame is set to 0 or 1)

Very annoying, so if anyone else has other suggestions I'd be gratefull. :D

28-04-07, 12:34
So far my experiments with the door have been unsuccesful. Applying your piece of advice didn't change the flicker. So I've wondering if the looping affects the ability to close the door again.

Eventually I removed the closing the door animations and the state changes for closing. Now the door went crazy and began to flicker with an appearance in a place where it shouldn't be.

I've deleted the door completely and will have a try with it again this weekend.

This does not bode well for my future animations. :(

28-04-07, 21:44
Have you tried doing a simple animation or changing a preset animation, like: change how Lara runs? It always helps to start with the basics.

05-05-07, 10:24
Can it get any more basic than using a door? Only one mesh.

I use an ordinary door and am trying to make it slam open like the kickdoor does. But the doors are not alike, so I copy the values one by one.