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14-04-07, 17:54
I was just curious. The high res texures look great in the TR: NG editor, but they still look blocky. Is it possible to see objects with higer polygons and more geometric shapes within the level environments?

Active Man
14-04-07, 19:21
NGLE isnt necesseary for viewing hi-poly objects in scene. The only thing you need is all possible increase features in TREP. If you arent familiar with TREP, download this (http://trep.croftmanor.de/presets/high_quality.rar) high quality preset and load it with TREP. Then modify your executable and copy it to your root TRLE folder. Now you can use objects with far more vertecies and polygons, without crashing the game. About even detailer textures, if you are not happy with 128 by 128 pixel textures, you can use 256 by 256 pixel textures, they are even more sharp and big. Here (http://www.grsites.com/textures/) is a good HD textures site.