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15-04-07, 12:56
Yeah it's getting quite the habit to start a thread on games I'm playing but I don't think there's one yet so... yeah :D

I've only played it before until the 4th or so mission (where I am atm) and I forgot how great it is, all the trial and error stuff, exploring different ways to do the mission. Lurve it.

15-04-07, 13:15
Is that the first one? If so, it's the only one I never got to play XD The rest are all awesome though, I love the freedom to pick how you want to play the missions. You can opt for careful and professional, or just homicidal and crazy :D The Glacier engine is capable of some great graphics too :tmb:

15-04-07, 14:08
Yes it's the first one XD it's the only one I have, it's actually called Hitman: Codename 47. As far as the others go, I think I only played a demo of the second one (I think it was the second one) in a mission where at start you have to kill some eskimo or whatever and still his outfit (teehee :D) and carry some fruit crate to go in disguise. Never managed to finish that one mission XD

15-04-07, 14:21
Haha, yeah, I remember that mission - it's from Hitman: Contracts, I think (the third one). That's actually my favourite of the games that I've played too. I have to say that playing Hitman brings out the evil in me though; I can never seem to finish a mission without killing at least a couple of extra people that probably didn't really need to die :D

15-04-07, 15:29
You're not the only one XD on my third mission my payment ended up being -4500 for unnecessary killings :p

Legend of Lara
15-04-07, 15:45
I've played Silent Assassin (2), Contract (3) and a demo of Blood Money (4). I LOVE killing everything that moves, doesn't move and might move in Contracts! :D :mis:

15-04-07, 17:01
I loved playin Hitman: Silent Assasin, I never played the 1st, Contracts or Blood Money.

15-04-07, 17:38
I've played only Hitman:Contracts.:jmp: I really love that game. I actually love all that kind of games... Like killing stealthy and all.:D Awesome!
I've played it twice and always was on the same level (5th, I think).Still haven't finished it. T_T I'm too lazy to replay it again.:p

15-04-07, 17:49
I love Hitman...his voice is :cln: ahem...
I just love everything about it...it's so good to get an SA rank...and better for a mass murderer!:D