View Full Version : high quality anniversary head mesh

17-04-07, 03:01
made from my legend head mesh i made with anniversary hair style

17-04-07, 03:06
Her lip textures I believe that are too dark and it makes her look AOD-ish like =S But it looks nice though :)

17-04-07, 03:07
Wow! She looks very good! :tmb:

17-04-07, 04:17
Is the purple part the area that doesn't actually show up, like it's transparent? Like on her eyelashes...

Zelda master
17-04-07, 06:13
yes that purple is transparrent ;)

17-04-07, 12:47
Oh, ok. I thought it was weird that she had rectangular purple eyelashes.... :D

17-04-07, 13:18
Wow Trangel! She looks beautiful!;)

Barry Matharoo
17-04-07, 13:51
wonderful :tmb:

17-04-07, 19:24
You constantly manage to out do yourself..

The headmesh is fantastic..cant wait to see more


17-04-07, 19:58
Her lip textures I believe that are too dark and it makes her look AOD-ish like =S But it looks nice though :)

i think the same that you..... :tmb: nice work trangel

18-04-07, 01:45
Very nice Trangel! I can't wait for it's release. :D

18-04-07, 13:36
The head is perfect :tmb:

Los Angeles
18-04-07, 18:50
Very nice work!

18-04-07, 19:20
She looks very nice!:tmb:

19-04-07, 13:39
My anniversary head is complete, now i'm working on a very high quality
anniversary outfit. better meshes and better textures.
(to be used with trep)


19-04-07, 14:00
She looks very beautiful!:eek: Awesome job!:tmb:

19-04-07, 14:02
She looks very beautiful from the front...but i think that you can make the hair textures on the back of the head much better :) But other than that it's absolutely amazing! :tmb:

kill bill
19-04-07, 14:24

19-04-07, 16:26
I really love this! I am working on a headmesh myself now, but it isn't a remake. It's for a longhair dress outfit, a little like Japan.

But i digress! This head is gorgeous! The amount you have improved in just a year or so is amazing. Did you use those pictures of the mesh lines you showed us a while ago? The only tiny little thing i would have another look at is the chin. Maybe make it a little flatter? It seems to potrude quite alot.

Btw those lips look luscious to me! ;)

19-04-07, 17:04
Nice but she looks serious and angry.

19-04-07, 17:08
Nice but she looks serious and angry.

She's just mad at Pierre for being such a litter-bug ;)

Really excellent work Trangel :tmb: I love the smooth blending with the new-style braid.

dox online
19-04-07, 20:15
Nice :tmb: