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18-04-07, 03:19
Level # 1741(Lara's Levelbase) Tomb Raider Unfinished Business Remake

I playered this level at the begin where there were two wood-block cubes in lara's home, the cube can pushable and can climb it and stand on.

In other levels I've played some time ago, the pushable object(including the cube) was just pushable and you could not climb it and stand on it, and now in this level it becomes possible. What should I do in the TRLE to make the pushable cube could climb and stand on, for it's a important and used frequently in TR1-TR3. Or it's a WAD, and where it can be downloaded?

18-04-07, 03:50
I believe that this can help...Linky-Poo (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr5/editor/movableblocks.html) [from TombRaiderChronicles (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/tombraiderchronicles.com)]

18-04-07, 08:58
Those blocks can't be climbed on, Izzie, sinxe they are regular objects. And when placed in a TR4 type level one can't climb onto it because the engine does not allow it. ;)

@ Conovo:
You can make pushable blocks climbable by using TREP. :D
It has a feature called 'Enable standable pushables' in the 'custom patches' section. It is best to also read TREP's user guide to see how this feature works exactly. ;)

Active Man
18-04-07, 10:54
As Titia said, enable the Standable pushables patch in TREPs custom patches section and do the next in LE:

If your block (cube) is 4 clicks tall (like regular pushables in TR games), select the pushable object and press O on the keyboard. Type in 1024 in the white box, press Enter and then click on OK.

If your block is 6 clicks tall, select the pushable, press O and type in 1536 in the box, press Enter and click on OK. ;)

18-04-07, 12:33
Thanks a lot. I'll have a try.


18-04-07, 22:01
你好 :)