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20-04-07, 14:54
I downloaded jade empire by cristoph. And that level got TR2 levels. But now when I want to play my own levels, the sounds is crappy. Like Lara. She sounds like a man. Like the sound is darker or slower or something. Anybody know how to fix this?

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20-04-07, 16:28
And that level got TR2 levels.

I do not get this. How could Jade Empire have TR2 levels, it is Cristophs custom level set :confused:
Did you mean to say TR2 sound? Could you make yourself clear a bit :D

20-04-07, 19:33
Oh sorry lol. I meant TR2 SOUNDS. :p

I can't explane. She sounds like you know when you slow down sound? It sounds
slow and dark. Something like that. That's how Lara sounds in my levels. But when I play the jade empire level she have TR2 sounds.


20-04-07, 19:35
Maybe it's the extended memory patch you need ? :)

20-04-07, 19:36
What's that? And where can I find it?

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20-04-07, 19:52
You can find that patch with the latest versions of TREP (http://trep.croftmanor.de/patches/trep_v076_rev5.rar). Just go in the sounds section and click on the extending patch. It will enable usage of 1024 kb (1 MB) sample sounds (you can also change the sample rate, and set it, for example, to 44100 kHz, I use that, but then make sure all your sounds are in that rate, but dont use this in other custom levels). ;)

20-04-07, 19:55
If I change the tomb4.exe and then start Jade Empire it will just crash. I tried that before so I had to redownload it just to get the tomb4.exe. xD

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20-04-07, 20:01
Yes, Cristoph used TREP in Jade Empire to add a PLAY_ANIM flipeffect in the beggining of the first level (for the cutscene). You should not use your own tomb4.exe in these cases, because you do not know the flipeffect number he used (it is usually 47, but it is not worth trying :D). I really do not know the cause of this problem, cause I have Jade Empire and all the sounds are OK :(

20-04-07, 20:03
Ok I'm going to finish Jade Empire first. Thanks for you help. x)