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20-04-07, 21:35
Alright then, so I tried to install a few levels through Level Manager, something I used to do all the time and I now, whenever I try to play a level, I get a windows error (the regular type).

I just installed TRLE from the iso file from TRChronicles site, executed the Tom2pc file (I think that's what it's called) selected the Title file and pressed Build All. Then off to Level Manager, again, everything normal. I install a level (in this case, Jade Empire) but when I try to play it I just get the error.

21-04-07, 09:05
If you're using Level Manager,you don't need to run tom2pc to convert TOM files..LM does it all for you.

21-04-07, 11:34
I know that, but from what I remember of what I used to do, one should always do that to the Title file.

Still not working btw X_X

21-04-07, 13:53
It's not working because you're not installing correctly..

DL a level in zip file form,usually to the level folder created by the LM.
Open LM,then 'levels' and 'search custom levels in zip files on your PC'
In the window that says 'search in folder', there should be the path to the folder to which you DL'd the zip file i.e. C:\Level Folder - if not,browse to it's location.
Now click 'search ALL files' and in the window below 'found levels' you see a
list of all files including the zip file you want - highlight it.
Now click 'Add this level' and LM will unzip the file.When the 'level properties' window opens,click 'done' and any MP3's will be converted to WAV.
If TOM files are present,LM will ask you if you wish to convert - click 'OK'.
When all that's done,click 'PLAY' and off you go..

21-04-07, 14:53
I was installing the levels correctly, I fixed it now, I was having problems with the whole LE and Level Manager instalation, something I never had before X_X but now it's fixed and running. Thanks for the help anyway.

So yeah, the thread can be closed.