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22-04-07, 13:03
I'm having a few problems here. I'm trying to install the Dinosaur Research Centre custom level through the Level Manager, but it keeps bringing up a 'tomb4.exe.' error whenever I try to actually load the level. I imported the level in the usual way (ie. went to 'Advanced search of zip files', and all the additional files such as the mp3s have been converted), so I'm not entirely sure why it won't run. Any help would be much appreciated - thanks :)

22-04-07, 13:07
where did you download the level.

22-04-07, 13:28
There shouldn't be a problem with this level - try installing it following this method:

Open LM,then click 'levels' and 'search custom levels in zip files on your PC'
In the window that says 'search in folder', there should be the path to the folder to which you DL'd the zip file i.e. C:\Level Folder - if not,browse to it's location.
Now click 'search ALL files' and in the window below 'found levels' you see a
list of all files including the zip file you want - highlight it.
Now click 'Add this level' and LM will unzip the file.When the 'level properties' window opens,click 'done' and any MP3's will be converted to WAV.

When all that's done,click 'PLAY' and off you go..

22-04-07, 13:28
I downloaded it from trle.net (http://trle.net/)

Edit - Thanks chrimajon, that seems to have done the trick :tmb:

22-04-07, 13:44
Hmm... maybe I spoke too soon. I can get to the title screen now at least, but it crashes halfway through loading the first level. It's odd because all my other custom level files are still loading fine.

22-04-07, 14:04
'Dino Research Centre' uses a patched Tomb4.exe - you may need the latest revision from the LM site..
Go here,click on 'Download Programs' and DL the " Revision C Update".
Make sure LM isn't running when you install the update.


22-04-07, 14:49
Yes, that was the problem - I thought that I'd already patched the .exe, but I must have run it whilst the Level Manager was also running, so it didn't install properly. Anyway, everything is fine now (apart from the fact that I'm actually stuck on the level atm :D)

Thanks for all your help :tmb:

22-04-07, 15:08
Glad you're up and running!..where are you stuck? ;)