View Full Version : Custom Level installation using Level Manager

22-04-07, 15:04
To help anyone who may be experiencing problems installing levels with the Level Manager,I've put together a little tutorial,based on the method I always use,and recommend.I hope it may prove to be helpful. :)
If a mod/admin wish to make it a 'sticky',please feel free!

NOTE: Whilst the LM is a very useful little program,and 99% of the time will install levels faultlessly,it will occasionally have a problem,usually down to how files are configured in the downloaded zip file - should you have any problem,I'll do my best to solve it!

Open Level Manager,then click levels and search custom level in zip files on your PC

You now have this window:
1 - the default folder created by LM to contain downloaded levels.(If you've downloaded to another location,use Browse)
2 - click search ALL files
3 - select the level you wish to install and click to highlight it
4 - click Add this level

In Level Properties window:
1 - simply click Done

You will now see the Audio Conversion window open,as MP3's are converted to WAV.

If the level contains .TOM files,at this window 1 - click OK to start Level Managers built in tom2pc conversion.

Very occasionally,LM may tell you there is a missing WAD file,needed to convert a TOM file,so at this window click OK...

...and at the tom > tr4 assistant window,click on the arrowed scroll bar and select the required WAD from the list which appears - in this example I had to use the 'settomb' file - then click perform now

Finally,click Play and LM will backup existing files,copy in the ones for your newly installed level,and start the game up. :)