View Full Version : Missing Drop Sound?

22-04-07, 17:57
I think that I am missing my sound file for when Lara falls from a high height, and she dies when she hits the ground. She doesn't make the normal sound that should occur. Can someone upload the audio file for me? :o I think it is one of the files that goes into the Samples folder, but I am not sure what the name of the file is.

22-04-07, 18:06
Do you mean the 'bone crunch' sound she makes on impact?

If so it's in samples folder f2f_hitg.wav

If you're missing it,DL from here:


22-04-07, 18:48
Ok. Thanks for the filename, but I have it, and it is the correct sound, but for some reason it isn't playing the sound when it should :confused: