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25-04-07, 19:56
Hey guys,

well ive just finished adding some new things to my level,

but now when i play the game, lara's guns have no sounds

theres nothing wrong with my samples, i checked

and then installed a brand new set just in case but nothing,

i have a theory, i made a new outfit by inserting a new torso mesh into the outfit and as i cant re-map i sent the outfit to a friend to re-map for me,

but i still use my broken outfit for now, couldthis cause the guns to lose their sounds?

any ideas would be great

EDIT: i changed my outfit to Po Yu's AOD and the sounds still arent working..damn them

29-04-07, 03:56
:hea: See luke, I told you nobody would bother to help you; the nerve!

29-04-07, 09:16
What's the matter with you phms2010?!

People do bother to help.
Have you considered that nobody might know the answer to laras_true_man's question? I think that this is the case now.
And why post in a thread if you don't know an answer or if you don't have anything usefull to say about the subject?
Having said that, your post can actually be considered spam, phms2010. ;)

@ Laras_true_man:
I don't know exactly why phms2010 posted that remark but I'm sure people didn't ignore your question simply because they don't want to help you. :hug:

About your question:
- Is it only the gunsounds that are missing?
- Have you changed anything about the gun animation objects?
- Does the converter say anything about missign sounds at the end of the converting process? If so then the sound(s) the gunanimation is using might be a custom one which is not in your samples folder.
- Have you added an object from another TR game to your wad? When that object has sounds from that TR game assigned to it (and if those sounds are not in your samples folder) it can cause other general sounds (like the gunsounds) to go missign ingame.

LOL! That's a lot of questions in return!
It's just that missing sounds can be caused by several things. So by asking the questions I'm trying to narrow the problem down, hoping to find the exact cause. ;)