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26-04-07, 07:40

I saw in the traillers that the red reticle that appears in enemies when you shoot them is not there ( thanks god ) but in gameplay movies it does.

is this gonna be adjustable in the game options ( hopefully )

I hate they keep, from what I have seem, the camara that shows you where you need to go everytime you get to a new area!! :hea:

game looks good otherwise, keep hoping here.

26-04-07, 07:45
I don't believe that it has been confirmed that they can be toggled on or off. Many believe that it may stay while on easy mode, and go away when it's on hard mode.

If I'm wrong someone please correct me ;)

Edit - Don't forget to always check out the FAQ for further questions - http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=70258

26-04-07, 07:52
You do not normally see the reticules in trailers anyway, and the camera has panned to areas of interest in every Tomb Raider game since 1996, l doubt it is about to change