View Full Version : Weird door problem [and more...]

26-04-07, 11:32
My double doors suddenly went weird. Lara just keeps running against an invisible wall before the square where the door is. It worked fine before, I didn't even change anything in that particular room :confused:

I tried to take a screenshot of the problem, and then this happened :confused:


26-04-07, 12:04
Sometimes TRLE adds an extra 'no-collision' block behind the door.

Try rotating the door to the opposite side. Remember, when you rotate, you have to switch the doors around, so that they still open up the right way, when you trigger them ;)

26-04-07, 12:13
I know, but the door worked in that exact position before.

Anyways, I fixed it, it seemed to be an object in the other room. Still doesn't explain the textures disappearing, though.

26-04-07, 13:15
Textures tend to disappear if a room is placed in the lower right hand corner of the editor window. ;)