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29-04-07, 00:21
I'm trying to have my level start by having Lara walk forward a couple squares.
I have made a flipeffect that starts animation #1, so I set it up like this:

I checked the box that says "One Shot" in the Flipeffect window.

BTW: I am using Dxtre3D, but I thought that this more applied as a general TRLE technique.

When I set the trigger I set it up as "Only Once" which is the Dxtre3D equivalent of "One Shot".
The problem that occurs is that Lara only moves one sector and then stops.

Other variations I have tried, and their respective effects include:
Turning off "One Shot" in the Flipeffect window causes that Lara just stays in the first frame of the animation, but still moves forward.
Taking out the STOP command causes Lara to just walk one step forward, then stop.
Turning off "Only Once" causes the same thing as taking out the STOP command....

Help Please....:o

29-04-07, 03:47
So Lara only walks forward for one square? Try adding a new animation (445). Copy the 001 animation and paste it in the 445 anim. Then from the Animation tab click Paste (add to current). For every Paste (add to current) you add Lara will walk across another square....I think. I'm probably wrong. I'll try for myself and see if it works.

29-04-07, 03:49
Why did you put stop?
the animation won't play cuz you told it to stop once she steps on it. am i right?

29-04-07, 07:09
Nope ! You can't play an animation without STOP...;)