View Full Version : FMV's is it posseble?

Zelda master
29-04-07, 09:58
I made an FMV for my level cuz its a hell lot more easier them WADMerger, but the thing thats more important is, is it posseble to make the Engine play that FMV during the game?

jeffrey van oort
29-04-07, 10:05
I don't know.
I have tried this before. But from what I know Core disabled this funtion sadly..

29-04-07, 10:17
I think that the 'level manager' or the program similar designed to automatically install custom levels can convert the movie clip to the correct format.

It has been done before, a moderator here had several in his level series, only Ive forgotten his name. -- Give me a moment to find out for you...

EDIT: It was Uvavoo.

And I think you need a flipeffect to trigger the movie :)

Hopefully that was of some assistance.

29-04-07, 11:05
It's not possible because Core Design has deleted the function for playing FMV in TRLE tomb4 exe...:mad:

29-04-07, 11:17
It is possible, like Scoopy-Loopy said, Uvavoo has used some in his Planet of the Ancients series. ;)

I don't know how he did it though. With LevelManager and another programm I think but I can't remember. :o

29-04-07, 11:18
Hmm. I haven't seen Uvavoo in a while. do anyone know where he is?

29-04-07, 11:36
he probaly did it with Palone's Media Manager

29-04-07, 13:35
yes, I believe that is what he used, because I do not know of any other program you can use to do that. I am going to test out the program, but I don't know how to create an FMV, so I am just going to try using a random movie :D....
Update: I can't really get it to work. I am just trying a random video and it's not working. I put it in the Media Manager thing, and I tested it, and it worked fine, but I'm not sure how to get it to play. The only thing that I know what to do is to put a CD trigger where I want it to play, but what else do I have to do? Do I have to put the video into the audio folder or something?...

Zelda master
29-04-07, 16:34
yes, I believe that is what he used, because I do not know of any other program you can use to do that. I am going to test out the program, but I don't know how to create an FMV, so I am just going to try using a random movie :D....

WEll just copy and paste pieces of other TR games into one movie, and tada theres your FMV:D

Los Angeles
29-04-07, 16:40
he probaly did it with Palone's Media Manager

Where I can get it?

29-04-07, 16:46
Google is your friend. (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=60112) I don't know if that's the latest version of the program, though.

EDIT: And now that I tried the download link myself, it doesn't seem to be working.

29-04-07, 17:25
I want to say that I got mine from the same site as where I got Dxtre3d.
I'll check....*checking*

wow....Dxtre3d.com (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/Dxtre3d.com) always seems to be having a problem with exceeded badwidth

Los Angeles
29-04-07, 17:55
I work with the NGLE and so how I have to use the Media Manager???

30-04-07, 09:21
It is possible to add movies to levels using media manager, available from Paolone's site.
Not only can you play movies, but also create for example scrolling text files, static text, display still pictures play audio accompaniment and more.
Triggers are set up in media manager for (dummy) audio tracks and are simply these 'CD' triggers are simply triggered in game to play the media.
Your levels can be tested from within media manager, but when it comes to supplying a download for your finished game the player has to use Level Manager to load the game, otherwise media will not play.
There is an alternative, however, for people not using/not wishing to use Level Manager. Paolone kindly supplied me with certain files so that Level Manager is not required. Simply place these files loose in your TRLE folder together with your media and instead of starting using Tomb4.exe, start using the supplied Play_me file.
You can download the necessary files here:


I believe Paolone has plans to include a play FMV button in NGLE in combination with his new, revised tomb4 game engine.

30-04-07, 12:24
Uvavoo! :wve:
I haven't seen you around for a while.

I really hope he makes it easy, for us lazy people, to play FMV's :D

jeffrey van oort
01-05-07, 18:56
Could someone post a direct link to media manager si vou plait? :D
Thank you a lot !!!

02-05-07, 00:43
You could try this page (http://www.trlevelmanager.net/trmm_eng.htm), the thing you are supposed to download is this (http://www.trlevelmanager.it/download/tr-media-sdk1.zip), but you should consider looking over that page, because you'll better understand what TRMM is and what it does...