View Full Version : Stream read error

29-04-07, 16:29
It happens to me a lot with Strpix. When I export a texture, do some changes in Photoshop and then try to import again, it says "stream read error". Can anyone tell me what's causing it and how it can be avoided? :)

29-04-07, 17:16
Don't save it using photoshop. It sort of 'reformats' the image, try saving it using irfanview (print screen method or something) and it should keep the same image settings.

Photoshop changes the resolution 'dpi' settings or something, I'm not quite sure what it is but it screws with it so it can't be re-read by strpix.

29-04-07, 17:24
But it doesn't happen every time, just.... most of the time :D

Alright, I'll download Irfanview and try that, thanks :wve: