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in these arms
29-04-07, 20:41
Some people may of seen a thread I've made like this before. But miles back now.

Still I'm having problems Uninstalling MOH (Game title above) (Medal Of Honor).
I've tried the simple delete button, nothing.

I've tried Add/Remove Programs, yes it works, but it's not being removed from the list.

I've put in the disk, click no Uninstall, same old answer.

I need to uninstall it so I can Install it properly, because I want to play it.

Other Problem...

I've clicked Install to see if it made any difference, and it gave me the opotions to Remove, Modify, and something else :D Nothing on that list is asking me to Install it.

Any ideas? I'm completely whiped out.

29-04-07, 21:23
Well, use the option to remove it, then reinstall.

in these arms
30-04-07, 14:31
Even if it dosen't get remove its self from the list?