View Full Version : How Do i get different textures?

29-04-07, 23:44
How Do I get different textures then the Tomb Raider Egypt Ones?

30-04-07, 00:27
You can find some really great texture files from each TR game here (http://www.aspidetr.com/index.php?section=gen_text). :wve:

30-04-07, 09:26
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To answer your texture question:
It is possible the edit the TGA texturesets in a paintprogram.
Many textures can be donwloaded, from other TR games but also from other sites that offer game textures. The site Izzie linked to is a good way to start.
Another good site to get textures (and lots of other stuff) from is TR Search Engine (http://www.trsearch.org/Media.php?action=getlist&typeid=54)! :D

19-06-07, 00:37
sooo...how do u make ur own textures?

19-06-07, 00:55
Like...from scratch?
I guess you would just have to use a paint-editor program.

But if you want to just put a bunch of textures together in one texture file, then use TBuilder.

19-06-07, 01:22
where would u get a paint-editor program like wat is one called?

Jade Rae
19-06-07, 02:23
MS Paint comes installed with Windows and Linux has a program similiar to paint that comes with it, if you are running either of those operating systems. :)

19-06-07, 02:48
I believe that Paint.NET is a great program that is freeware. You could, possibly, use that program to make textures, but I have never attempted.

20-06-07, 01:08
yeah i tried and it takes me to warrenpaint.com

20-06-07, 01:13
yeah i tried and it takes me to warrenpaint.com

What does?
Don't go to www.Paint.net, because it's the program that is called Paint.NET. You can get it here (http://www.getpaint.net/index2.html) ;)