View Full Version : TRLE visuals

30-04-07, 02:36
Graphically, what is possible with the tomb raider level editor? How many polygons can the engine handle?

Active Man
30-04-07, 06:31
It is dependable of what object slot are you using, I think.
For example, if you are using STATICx slots, there is a limited (I do not know exactly how much) polygon count that you can use. As for ANIMATINGx objects, they have unlimited polygon count ;) Speaking of vertices, their limit can be extended with TREP (http://trep.croftmanor.de/patches/trep_v076_rev5.rar), up to 65535 per mesh with Remap scene memory option (!)
The game starts stunnering when the scene contains approx. 3000 polygons in 1280 x 1024 resoulution (and above)