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01-05-07, 23:28
I have a problem. I can't figure out the right configuration for setting up the red main carpet thing...
Here's what a 2x2 set looks like:


Here's one way of arranging them....[I couldn't crop it exactly so disregard the horizontal line on the right side's middle


This is what 4x4 looks like:


What do you think of this arrangement? I'm just saying that because it looks kind of weird, and the edges don't looks good, the edges between them don't match up that well....=\...:( I don't know how I should arrange them....

All Help is Appreciated!

02-05-07, 14:46
how about taking the textures on the right hand side and mirroring them. that looks like it would sort it :)

02-05-07, 19:21
It would not be nice to don't give a response, would it! It's a matter of trial and error. If you use flip and turn in different ways it can be done. I made a quick example, can't explain , but trie to keep the centers in focus! Once you got the hang of it it's a piece of cake ;) succes!


Edit: see page14 of the manual.

03-05-07, 17:45
You texture also has a single row of pixels which don't below to this texture.
You need to colour this row the same as the rest of the carpet. ;)

This can be seen most clearly if the textures are arranged so the rows face each other, like below.
I highlighted the row.

Then you can use Pedro's pattern to make a good looking carpet. :tmb:

03-05-07, 21:22
I think I found a good way to arrange them. :D

Tell me what'cha think ;):

03-05-07, 21:41
That looks much better, alltough I get a bit dizzy by now :) !
Remember it's a carpet, ever seen one without a stain or burnmark . In game you will not notice a small thing, as now your view is more spacious and your not so quickly drawn to a a small anomaly, certainly if you drop some objects or pick ups to break the gamers view! ;) Well done!
edit: I believe you cropped them in a paint program? because there's still a small missing line, Think in the TRLE it looks allright!

03-05-07, 22:29
For the objects, there are some, though, not many, objects that I, technically, should place, because of this being a Home level. :o
For the first pictures I, poorly, extracted the textures from the .tga file, and then edited them using paint/photoshop, but for the second one, I just copied the screen, using FRAPS, from the editor ;)