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02-05-07, 00:18
Ok I decided to make this thread so I can keep track of the questions I ask about my game Arctic Ice.

First of all, am I able to trigger a flipmap at a specified time using TREP?
Because, I want to make the first level where if you get to a certain location before the timer reaches zero than you can activate the switches and take a different route so you can make the game go a different way. And if the timer reaches zero you have to go the other way and you won't have extra levels in between so it's like this

Reached Before Zero---After Zero
Mountain Top-------- Mountain Decsent
Mountain Forest
Mountain Decsent

Like that.

02-05-07, 00:22
Like...after a certain amount of seconds? [e.g. when the game timer reaches 1:00]
I don't think you can....
but I'm not really TREP-learned :D

02-05-07, 00:26
Yea see the first level a rocket is going to launch and if you don't make it to a certain room before the timer reaches 0 you can't go through the room where the rocket launches to go to a certain level

02-05-07, 01:04
Ah.. Very nice! :tmb:
I don't think that you can make a timed-flipmap...

02-05-07, 01:12
I wish I could, because I have near about finished this level, building that is, it still needs to be textured better and objects placed.

02-05-07, 01:18
Does anyone else have a way you could do this? I'm trying to think of a way...=\....

02-05-07, 01:20
Thanks for helping :hug: Right now I'm reading the manual for trep to see if i can find anything

02-05-07, 07:30
There is the old standard of having to race a closing door. If you don't make it into the room, you don't get the other levels.

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02-05-07, 11:06
No, flipmaps, triggering other objects and effects (sinks) is not possible right now :(
Pyuaumch said that he tried to do that, but there were some complications and issues, so he gave up.
I would love that command though, to trigger objects and flipmaps via FE and RE :D

02-05-07, 11:28
well I guess I will have to redo that setup, is it possible to disable a trigger after a certain amount of time?

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02-05-07, 11:44
FE is not compatible with regular triggers I. e . those who trigger objects ;)
No, you cannot disable (antitrigger) a trigger after a specified amount of time :(

02-05-07, 11:48
i can trigger a door to close after a certain amount of time so I guess I will create another room to put the switches in so if you don't get in there in time then you will not be able to open the door to get to the extra levels. So what do I need to do to make that possible?

02-05-07, 11:49
Corrected 3rd May 2007

Well there is a way using TREP although it is a bit of a workaround and I haven't tested it.
Set up a small flat room and place a rolling ball object. Make sure Lara triggers this early on.

Set up a heavy trigger on another square to trigger the flipmap.

Set up a flipeffect to start the counter. This is the code.

In the timer editor window set the timer to INVERT (to make it countdown).Use the move object commands to move the rolling ball onto the heavy trigger square. The necessary commands need to be placed in the timer window.
Type a 0 (zero) in the IF Racetimer value = box.

So the logic is
Start timer by triggering flipeffect.
Timer will be displayed on screen.
When timer reaches zero:
The rolling ball will move onto the heavy trigger.
This will trigger the FLIPMAP or anything else you wish.

(from ensi's manual)
MOVE_ITEM_X [raw item ID] [coordinate]
MOVE_ITEM_Y [raw item ID] [coordinate]
MOVE_ITEM_Z [raw item ID] [coordinate]
These three commands can move items (NOT Lara, but other items, like enemies or boulders) on the map. But you can use it only with ACTIVATED items, or else their position will reset to defaults when you will re-load your game.
Raw item ID can be discovered with FexInspect program. Just open your level file with it and find desired item in the list and remember its number in the list — that is the raw item ID. Coordinates are, as always, TR4 global coordinates (equal to ones shown afterr «t» label, when you're pressing F1 key during gameplay).

This method (if it works, as I said, not tested) should be able to trigger any event. If anyone tries it, please post here with the result.

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02-05-07, 11:52
To make a timed door, select them (the door) and go in the trigger window and click on it. Now, put the time amount (in seconds) until the door will close in the Timer field (be sure to press Enter when you typed the number, to "stick" it there). Now trigger the door where you want to ;) Oops, seems that Uvavoo has a better way (although it is way to complicated)

02-05-07, 11:54
so when i trigger the door, the timer will activate and when that amount of seconds have passed the door will close, am i correct

02-05-07, 12:05

02-05-07, 22:36
I have no clue if I got it to work because the thing crashed on my when the timer hit 0. All I put in for the thing to do at 0 is to call flipeffect 48 and it was SHAKE_CAMERA_HEAVY then STOP.

03-05-07, 11:22
Ok, I've got another problem now, got the motorbike floor break thingy and I can't get it to work, I placed a dummy trigger on it but when I run the motorbike over it, she just falls through it and gets stuck under it. Am I supposed to trigger it to shatter or something?

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03-05-07, 12:14
All I put in for the thing to do at 0 is to call flipeffect 48 and it was SHAKE_CAMERA_HEAVY then STOP.

You cannot call YOUR OWN FLIPEFFECTS ;)
That is way the game crashed.
You can only call the "regular" flipeffects.

03-05-07, 12:50
The following is how to setup a countdown counter to trigger an event.
The flipeffect should contain the code for starting the timer and its parameters (see below).
You would have to enter the SHAKE CAMERA HEAVY command in the timer editor window (where KILL_LARA is in my example below). My previous post was misleading, I will correct it.

Setting up a countdown timer
Although this has been explained in the documentation, I thought I would repeat the main theory here.

1. Create a Flipeffect using the Flipeffect editor.
2. In the description field at the top type in start countdown counter.
3. The code is as follows:


4. This will count down from 10 minutes. Don't forget to check the Enable flipeffect editor and note down your flipeffect number (in this case 50).
5. Click the Proceed button.

1. Click on the Timer button.
2. Insert the following settings:

Just to explain the settings.
Invert race timer: this makes the clock count DOWN.
Timer becomes visible at: this makes the onscreen clock visible at the time specified. (note: You must put the line Timer= ENABLED in your script.
If race timer equals: means at this time the event(s) specified will be triggered. In this case KILL_LARA. So, when the counter counts down to zero, Lara will die.
Event number: You can have many events all triggered at specific times.

Another Event
Here is an example of another event.


This is a simple event. All it does is flash the screen green when there is one minute to go. Note the new event number is 2.

To trigger the whole thing, create a trigger for FLIPEFFECT 50. When Lara steps on it, the timer will start.

This is a simple example, but in the timer editor you can have complex series of events occurring at set times. For example triggering audio, explosions etc, in fact any command used in the flippeffect editor can be used in the Timer editor.

03-05-07, 22:29
Ok, I fixed the timer thing, I need to make the time to reach the door before closing shorter because 10 minutes is too long, you make it within 3 min. But my next problem has to do with that motorbike smash floor object, I have placed a dummy trigger under it but all that happens is that the motorbike falls through it without shattering the object and lara gets stuck :confused:

04-05-07, 08:52
Just change the timer settings.

Format is:
So 20 seconds would be


and so on.

The shatter object needs a setting in the OCB, can't remember what it is - think it is 2, check in the manual in the reference section.

04-05-07, 11:29
Ok, I have that shatter object working now

05-05-07, 02:51
I'm going to completely start over my game, it needs to be based in more of a tomb setting instead of a building and stuff, also my folder needs cleaning anyway, so I'll have an update on it tomorrow