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03-05-07, 07:11
Ok, First off I didn't think this would happen at all, but i'm in tomb of Tihocan and I saved after putting in the last key in the block + symbol floor room and after I slid down to the water the croc actually killed me :hea:

but anyways I reloaded the game and it brought me back to the key hole and a CLOSED door :confused: somehow the game registered me that I already used both keys and I can't open the door. I have already checked the spots where the keys would be at but I don't see them :(

Does anyone have this game and would like to share their saved game on tomb of tihocan? I didn't save extra which i should have done.... But Please I really enjoy this game its fantastic and all the hard time from peru to greece was painful work =[[[

so all i'm asking is a download of a saved file of the tomb of tihocan. Thank you so much :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

04-05-07, 03:10
I had the same problem in the cistern level when i saved the game while using the key.I solve this problem by replay this level at the start again.

But you dont need to replay the tomb of tihocan level again,cos' i have the save file at the end of this level,here


this save game will start at the end of this level.So,you just run through the door in front of you.

Good luck! and dont save the game while using any key again.

04-05-07, 05:12
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:cln: :jmp:

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

your a life saver.

04-05-07, 12:44
This always happens if you save while using the key on a doorlock. Remember to use the key and wait until the animation is finished and the door is opened before you save.