View Full Version : My TRLE Window is Larger Then my Screen?

03-05-07, 10:27
Ive installed the TRLE onto the only computer I have with me since Ive moved and the window for TRLE is larger than my screen even on the maximum resolution 1024 x 768... is there anyway I can get it to fit because I cant access alot of the option's down the bottom of the program, such as the colour palatte.

03-05-07, 10:41
press alt+enter and you get full screen , press again to return :D

03-05-07, 15:27
I don't get this problem anymore with my wonderful 1440 by 900 screen :D

03-05-07, 15:59
You have to run the file that says Setup Tomb4, or something like that, and you can change the resolution [how big the screen is] for the game. :tmb:

03-05-07, 22:28
No none of those work, and Izzie thats for the TOMB4.exe not the NGLE itself.

Anyone have any idea's?

03-05-07, 22:33
Oh, sorry, I thought you meant during the game :hea:
To see more of the TRLE screen, you just have to press Alt+Enter :wve:

03-05-07, 23:08
Ah yes, finally it works! last time I tried it just went huge and I couldnt see anything but black.

So thanks Izzie and Pedro :D

03-05-07, 23:13
last time I tried it just went huge and I couldnt see anything but black.

I know what you are talking about, That is something that I have noticed happen. I'm not sure what causes, but it usually occurs, for me, when I import my texture file :confused:, so to fix it I just: un-maximize it, then re-maximize it, and everything is fine.