View Full Version : Damn tsk tsk. (crashing)

03-05-07, 12:29
I have problem all the time now. My level worked perfect. Then I downloaded Tomos weather patch. And when I choose my level it loads till the end of the loading bar and then crash. Does this happends to anyone else?

03-05-07, 13:15
I believe it is necessary to apply tomo's patch first before making other changes with TREP. Check his read me.

03-05-07, 14:07
I haven't used TREP yet. I tried to use the original tomb4.exe. And it crashed with that too. But it started crash after I downloaded the weather patch.

03-05-07, 16:02
I believe there is something that you have to change in the custom patches window in TREP.

03-05-07, 16:38
I didn't do that last time I downloaded the weather patch